Frassati Catholic Academy branding launched!

REDPATH & COMPANY new branding and website are launched!

National EAB Symposium this March


Creative Adrenaline of St. Paul/Minneapolis is a web site design company based in St. Paul, Minnesota that is committed to providing businesses, churches/schools and organizations with professional and affordable web site design and web site development with advanced web site functionality and easy maintenance solutions. Our specialty is developing corporate branding, custom print materials and web site design templates. View our web site design portfolio, branding portfolio or our print design portfolio.

Our clients choose us for:


  • Our Talented Team – Our focus is on giving organizations access to top-level marketing expertise at affordable rates. That way, we hit the ground running without a lot of ramp-up time, and you pay for results – not our education. We also believe in universal contribution, a part of our journey on this earth is giving back and making a difference with our talents and skills.
  • Our Technology – We utilize simple, easy-to-edit and maintain web site design and web site development tools. Whether you want to manage appointments, your newsletter, blog or portfolio, your web site grows as your business grows. No more expensive, slow web edits. Just point, click and edit and you are on your way!
  • We have no toes! Although we are proud of our work and bring to the table expert recommendations and solutions, we are not emotionally attached to our ideas. Our goal is to work in a collaborative environment where our clients take ownership of the final product.

We look forward to giving you Brand Energy for Your Business! Get your customers and sales teams excited and proud to utilize your marketing tools. Call 612-306-5405 for a free consultation today!