I had the honor to experience the incredible talent and projection art show design of Luzmuralis at the Cathedral in St. Paul at the Holiday Lights Show last week.

Disclaimer: I had absolutely nothing to do with this design project, but it was so beautiful and inspiring I had to share my experience and give kudos to their creative vision and talent. As an art history minor who studied down the road at the University of St. Thomas, now creative director, and raised life-long Catholic, seeing this in person on Summit Avenue not knowing what to expect I have to say I was pretty awestruck and very impressed.

I love the idea of art projected on something we might see every day but brought to life with the stories of the Bible and Christmas, done in such a way to be 3D/animated.

To be able to create images and project them on architectural buildings to tell a story and create a moving experience is just incredible.

Here are some of the images I captured that night.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

We should be honored that Luzmuralis would do this for St. Paul.

Check out some of their incredibly impressive other international projects.

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