“After working with Melissa for coming up on 10 years, she continuously displays an uncanny ability to capture the essence of a brand, a campaign, or a project and bring it to life. She has a brilliance in understanding what the customer wants, and then translating this into creative work that supports the business objective. She continues to surprise and delight us with her ability to understand what we want even more clearly than we do!”

“I have worked with Melissa for 4 years and it has been such a pleasure and delight. She is extremely efficient with her work and always meets deadlines (if not before). Melissa can take what you have in your head, artistically, for a project and bring it to life through all di.erent mediums. She has worked on a variety of di.erent projects for us and she always delivers. She also works at your level. If you want to be extremely collaborative she can be but she can also take direction really well and run with it.”

“It is with great pleasure that I write this recommendation letter for Melissa Gacek. I have worked with Melissa for the past four years during my employment with ALTOUR International. Melissa is an absolute joy to work with. I often turn to her for creative ideas for marketing campaigns, logos, website development ideas and sometimes, just advice and a good eye. Melissa has been able to take the slimmest suggestion and turn it into something beautifully designed. We often brainstorm and she can take what we say and turn it into the exact concept we were looking for.

One of my clients continue to use Melissa’s work from logo design to website header images, poster concepts and mailings for each of their yearly sales incentive programs. They continually challenge Melissa to be creative and think “outside the box” on ideas. Each year, she has delivered on every concept! I love working with Melissa as she takes whatever I send her way and makes the most beautiful design in a timely manner. She is a true partner and I would recommend her to anyone!”

“I have been fortunate enough to partner with Melissa over the past several years on various marketing jobs and digital strategies. Melissa is a very gifted designer who consistently inspires creativity with all those around her. She is always ready to collaborate with the team integrating all of the ideas and producing amazing spot-on results. She is an extremely dedicated and passionate person who is an asset to every team she has been a part of.”

“I have been working with Melissa for several years. When I started my business I actually interviewed several graphics design people … Melissa was the only one who said “I know what you want, and I can deliver”. I was amazed then and remain amazed at her talent. You will often hear me refer to her as “my creative genius”, a title that she earns on every project. I have a need, I explain it in my engineering terms, she asks questions in design terms, gives me some choices, all of which are consistent with my brand, yet highly creative. Her work is thorough, timely, and creative, as well as being price-sensitive to my budget. Thank you, Melissa!”

“Melissa has mastered the art of telling a story through design! I have had the opportunity to work with Melissa on a number of projects and her passion and attention to detail is unparalleled. She values each customer and truly listens to each need, researches and understands those needs and recognizes opportunities for growth. She partners with clients through the creative process by providing her guidance and expertise and is open to constructive feedback to ensure that the final product exceeds expectations. “

” A true creative spirit with a killer eye for design, Melissa Gacek possesses the rare ability to marry raw creative talent with a high attention to detail, organization, and professionalism. I had the pleasure of working with Melissa for a year and was consistently impressed by her extensive design know-how as well as her commitment to creating only the highest quality work. She is a true fount of creativity, generating design concepts with remarkable speed and lending refreshing creative insight to projects of all shapes and sizes. Although her impressive knowledge of design could be intimidating, Melissa has a fun, welcoming approach that puts her clients at ease. A woman of equal parts business-savvy, drive, warmth, and social ability, Melissa is a wise choice for all creative and design needs.”

“I have only worked with Melissa for a short time, but it was immediately obvious to me how extremely talented and creative she is. Melissa is able to immerse herself in to any project and create very unique yet effective solutions. Plus, she has tons of positive energy and is really fun to work with – I highly recommend Melissa!”

“Melissa is a very creative person who likes to think “outside the box”. With that perspective, her design brings fresh and energetically creative ideas to both print and web. The files she submits through PrintforChange.com are always prepared and preflighted exactly as we would need them for print. The clients she sends our way have always been very happy with her services and final product design. It is rare in our industry to get web, print, and production expertise in a single person but she does it seamlessly.”

While working at a startup company for plastic card printing and all related services, Melissa Gacek created a website to promote and drive business to our company.  She is very knowledgeable on the look and feel of what a current website needs to be.
Melissa has a keen and creative eye for graphics.  We would talk about the general idea, I would give her written text ideas and a few days later she would have a test page already laid out.
Melissa is very talented and easy to work with.  I highly recommend Creative Adrenaline for any website and creative work.